Our Worship

The Celtic Orthodox Church is the original Church of the British Isles founded in AD37 by St Joseph of Arimathea.

our founder - St Joseph of Armathea

Community of St Gwenn

Father Leonard Hollands
Yew Tree Cottage
Dorset  DT6 5QF  UK
Telephone: 01297 678566


Daily Prayer:  Prayer is as necessary for the soul as food is for the body.  A regulated routine is highly recommended.  Lamorna Publications (see Links) offers the St Gwenn's Daily Office Book and other prayer resorces.

The Divine Liturgy:  All are welcome at the Divine Liturgy on the second and fourth Sundays of each month and on major Feast Days at St  Aidan's Oratory.   Contact Fr Leonard for details.  Communion is given to anyone who is baptised and a communicant member of their own (Christian Trinitarian) Church, and who truly believes that they are receiving the very body and blood of Christ in communion. 

Baptism:  Whilst it is not necessary if you do not like the idea, we prefer that we baptise outdoors in fresh running water – a river or stream – or in the sea. 

Chrismation:  For those wishing to become members of the Celtic Orthodox Church we have the sacramental service of Chrismation where the candidate receives the gift of the Holy Spirit and is anointed with Holy oil. 

Marriage:  In line with many other Orthodox Churches, to avoid difficulties over legal registration, we would perform the Marriage Service immediately after a legal ceremony in a Registry Office.  The legal ceremony would be just that, a legality, and be a quiet affair with just the couple and witnesses present.  The Celtic Orthodox Marriage in the sight of God would be for all the guests and could take place out of doors, at the place of the Reception or any other suitable place which would first be blessed by the priest for the purpose.  It is very much in the Celtic Tradition that all space is potentially sacred, being part of God’s Creation. 

Funerals:  We can offer a Celtic Orthodox funeral service at the graveside, at a Cemetery chapel, at a Crematorium, or other suitable place. 

Blessings and Prayer:  We can offer blessings in a variety of situations and also undertake daily prayer for those in sorrow, sickness, or any kind of need. 

Absolution:  We will hear your confession, and pronounce absolution for the truly penitent.  Or we will just listen to whatever you may wish to discuss with a priest, and offer counsel where appropriate and desired. 

* Contact Fr Leonard for all service details.