Parish of St Gwenn, Wessex


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The Celtic Orthodox Church is the original Church of the British Isles founded in AD37 by St Joseph of Arimathea.

our founder - St Joseph of Armathea

The Parish of St Gwenn

Father Leonard Hollands
Yew Tree Cottage
Dorset  DT6 5QF  UK
Telephone: 01297 678566

Fr Deacon Aidan Hutson

The Parish Community of St Gwenn, Wessex (and serving the UK)

The Divine Liturgy is celebrated on the second and fourth Sundays of each month at St Gabriel's church, Morcomblake - on the A35 a few miles West of Bridport.  The church is open daily for private prayer.

The clergy offer Daily Prayers in the monastic tradition, with special emphasis on those who are sick or suffering, for peace, and the environment/creation.

If you are interested in exploring Celtic spirituality or attending a Celtic Liturgy, or if you would like us to pray for you, then do please contact:


Father Leonard Hollands on:  01297 678566




St Gwenns Celtic Orthodox Church

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